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Dr. Lowe is on the ROOF!

Because our York Academy students met their reading goal Dr. Lowe is spending the night on the ROOF OF THE SCHOOL!  Today the fire truck came and hoisted him right up there.  For all of the skeptics out there, he REALLY IS SLEEPING on the roof!!  Here are some photos of today’s excitement!

Dr Lowe

M.A.P. assessments

We are tackling the last of our MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessments for the year! This week students will participate in the assessments for reading and for math. We are so excited to see the growth the students will show!


We went to the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA!

image image image image image

We had an AMAZING time at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA! We got “slide certified”, but even better are coming back with some fantastic and creative ideas to share with York Academy! We will see you bright and early on Monday morning!

🙂 Mrs. A & Ms. C


Second clue!

Some of you guessed it, we’re in Atlanta, GA. But, what in the world are we doing here? Keep guessing…

🙂 Mrs. A & Ms. C


Textbook Due Dates


Students will need to bring in their US history textbooks on Tuesday, May 31st.  I will be collecting them and using them in the classroom as needed for the rest of the year.  Please make sure that the textbook is in school that day, all papers are out of the book, and all covers are removed.  Thank you!

Where in the world are Mrs. Alvarnaz and Ms. Chevalier?

Mrs. Alvarnaz and Ms. Chevalier are leaving for a VERY exciting trip this afternoon! We will be out of the classroom from Wednesday afternoon through Friday this week. We will be posting pictures and/or videos on this blog daily once we leave so students can guess where we might be! If you want to make a guess, just post a comment under our posts that have a clue. Our first clue will be posted tonight! We’ll let you know if you’re right or not, and we’ll see you Monday :-).


Uso del verbo ir (to go) en presente y los adjetivos demostrativos.


As we continue to get introduced to more cultural aspects from Guatemala and shopping scenarios, using statements with the verb to go “ir” in present tense and demonstrative adjectives were the focal grammar themes during this week in the Spanish class. Attached a couple of videos where these themes can be reviewed. —>

Buen fin de semana.

End of novel projects

We have reached the end of Esperanza Rising! With that come the end-of-novel projects. Students were introduced to each of their three options during class today. They will have the opportunity to work on their projects in-class all of next week (5/16-5/20). If they need more time after that, they will have to be responsible for working at home or during study hall or homeroom at the beginning and end of the day. The project is not due until 5/27, so that gives them a total of two weeks to get it done. Students were given a rubric relating to the project they chose, so they are aware of exactly how they are graded. Below is a link to the document students were given to help them choose a project. It gives a brief overview of each project and its expectations. I’m looking forward to seeing the effort and creativity the students put into these assignments!

Check it out! ERprojects

Story Sandwich


Reader’s Theater





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