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Author: bmcgirr

7th Grade Current Events assignment

7th grade students received their current events project today in class.  This will be an ongoing project that will conclude in April.  Below are some links to get students on the right track for finding good articles.

Textbook Due Dates


Students will need to bring in their US history textbooks on Tuesday, May 31st.  I will be collecting them and using them in the classroom as needed for the rest of the year.  Please make sure that the textbook is in school that day, all papers are out of the book, and all covers are removed.  Thank you!

Debate resources

Students have been working on a debate in history class on if the US should have used the Atomic bomb during WWII.  They will be debating against classmates on their sides starting on Monday.  Students have been working all week researching and creating their debate.  Below are some resources so students may work on the project at home over the weekend to create the best debate possible.

DBQ Practice exam

Next week students will be taking a Document Based Question (DBQ) Exam on the Great Depression and New Deal.  This is a great way to analyze primary sources as well as prepare for PSSA testing coming up in April.  To prepare for this, students may practice with this DBQ.  This is not an assigned homework, but is a great way for students to practice and see what to expect on the test.  We have been working this entire unit on understanding primary sources and pulling answers from the text, so I am confident our students will do great things on it!

Here is a link explaining what a DBQ is and some tips on how to work through them


Here is the link to the practice DBQ for students to look at

new_deal_dbq (3)


If students have any questions on the practice DBQ, they may see me on Monday to discuss it.

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