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Month: March 2016

Global Fair

Don’t forget about the York Academy Global Fair happening on Saturday, 4/2! Check out the doors our sixth graders did to represent Mexico, Thailand, France, and Egypt!





Marble Mazes!

Check out the video below to see a little bit of what the students will be doing in our Marble Maze design project! We have some thin cardboard for them to use to create walls/tubes/chutes etc. but are looking for more! If you have any thin cardboard items in your recycling bin at home (like from cereal boxes or paper towel tubes), send them our way! Also, if you have bigger, thicker cardboard boxes the students would really like those too so they could use them for backing in their vertical chutes. Thanks in advance for your help, support, and recyclables!

Next Spanish Test is Tomorrow and Google Voice homework 5!


Just a friendly reminder about the Spanish test and the Spanish Google Voice 5 homework. Study guide and material from the previous post (regular verbs in present tense).

Attached a video that will help you to review the conjugation of the regular verbs in present tense.

Also, attached Google Voice homework 5 instructions.  TAREA 5


Sra. Rivera.

Stem and Leaf and Gummy Fun!

Today, as we continued learning how to create Stem and Leaf plots and interpret what they tell us, we were able to have a little bit of Gummy Bear fun!  Ask you student to show you the paper we worked through as we enjoyed our bears.

Gummy Bears

Stem and Leaf Plots

Tonight for homework students are working on interpreting and understanding Stem and Leaf plots.  Here is a video in case they need some support with the homework.

Any handymen (or women) out there?

Hello families,

Sixth grade is always looking for opportunities to include YOU – the families – into what is happening in our world.  So are any of you handy?  Do you have a love of power tools?  Then we have a volunteer opportunity for you!  We are in need of 5 document camera stands (built out of PVC pipe).  It is a lot easier than it sounds, we promise!  Here is a video showing how to build the basic stand:

What do you think?  Do you think that you would be willing to make five of these for the sixth grade staff?  We will buy you all of the materials (the pvc pieces and the glue) if you would provide the labor and the tools.  Reach out to Mrs. Alvarnaz via email for details!  Thank you so much for your support!  It is truly appreciated.

Narrative unit!

We started our new writing unit today — narratives! The kids are excited already and I’m excited, too! Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking about purpose, point of view, character development, plot, dialogue, etc. to give them the tools they need to write a phenomenal narrative. Check out their graffiti wall of what they think a “good” narrative should include (if you click on the image it should make it bigger for you to see):


Next Spanish Test -> Friday , April 1st.


Our next test will be on Friday, April 1st. about the regular verbs (-ar, -er, and -ir) in present tense.

Attached a couple of videos about conjugation in present tense of verbs -ar, -er, and -ir. Videos de Conjugación en presente de verbos

Also, the list of verbs to study and the conjugation charts.



VERBOS REGULARES -er and -ir conjugation CHART


Sra. Rivera.


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