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Month: January 2016

What are YOU reading?

Mrs. Alvarnaz, Ms. Chevalier, and Ms. Williams are all currently reading “The End of Molasses Classes”, by Ron Clark. Shout out to Mrs. A for the original recommendation! We are LOVING this book and the insights and inspirations it is providing. It might be a great read for families, too! So, sixth grade students and families, what are YOU reading right now?


It’s a SNOW DAY!!

Monday is an official SNOW DAY for all of our York Academy students!  Yay!  As you are out enjoying the snow (playing, shoveling, building, hanging with friends) be sure to take some pictures!  Once you take the photos email them to Mrs. A.  (  We all can’t wait to see what you are up to this long winter weekend!   All photos collected will be added to a fun Winter Weekend video to be shared when we get back to school!  The video will be posted on the blog as well!

Here is what I am doing this weekend:

Snow pictures


We had lots of fun outside shoveling and playing and taking pictures but it is always fun to come back inside and have some cocoa!  Enjoy your time with family and friends today!  See you back at school soon!


We Tweet! Math Test Tomorrow

Hello families,

Tomorrow we will be having a unit 4 math test.  This test will cover area and perimeter of parallelograms and triangles.  It will also cover plotting on the coordinate plane and polygons on the coordinate plane.

Today in math class the students “tweeted” what they have learned about coordinate planes.  Here are their “tweets”!

Mr. Shuey’s class:

Mr. McGirr’s class:

Mrs. Alvarnaz’ class:

As you can see, we have worked hard and learned a lot about this topic!  You will need to excuse our few spelling errors.  I wasn’t grading for spelling – just content.

Be sure to help your student study in their ISN for any unit 4 material!


Vocabulary Wall


Our vocabulary wall is full of fantastic words thanks to the wonderful hunting the students did! I will be clearing the Padlet wall to make room for any new words the students find in the future. Though they won’t be required to find words to post at this point, they are encouraged to find new words and put them on the Padlet whenever they want!

Area of a Parallelogram

Hello families,

Tonight’s math homework involves the area of a parallelogram.  In case your student is unsure of how to complete the homework please let them watch this video:

Remember, homework is NOT optional!  Students are responsible for completing all homework assignments.

Thank you!


Click the link to view the prompt for this week’s paragraph-a-week (PAW). The focus is “nice”, but the students may NOT use that word in their writing. This is due Friday, 1/15/16. It should be fun to see what they come up with!


Study Hall

We have started an option of study hall for the students to take advantage of during their lunch/recess on Monday-Thursday. This time is to be used only for academic purposes, such as completing homework or getting caught up. Twenty-five students are permitted to sign up per day. Miss Williams is in the hall during the mornings of M-Th with the sign-up sheet. Students who sign-up are brought back up to the sixth grade hall after lunch and guided to the classroom that is holding the study hall for that day.
– If a student signs up for study hall in the morning, they have to attend.
– Students will be working on academics independently for the entire time.
– Study hall is NOT an indoor recess period. If a student is not doing work during the study hall, they are sent back downstairs until the remainder of the grade is finished lunch/recess.
The first study hall took place on Thursday and went very well! All students who attended worked diligently on academic material for the entire time. We are hopeful that this positive trend will continue, and allow students extra time to do relevant schoolwork!

Bathroom Passes

Bathroom passes from the first part of the school year were looking mighty tired, and many of them had been lost. As such, we created new bathroom passes for the students and gave them out last week. The passes are hole-punched so the students can easily keep them in their binders. As you know, we really emphasize responsibility and respect with our sixth graders, and these new passes reflect that. The rules shown on the pass below are:

1. This is your only pass. You lose it — you’re out. (This means the students need to make sure they are keeping track of the pass, because if they do not have it they will not be permitted to leave a class to go the bathroom.)

2. Don’t ask to use this when I am teaching. (Unfortunately, some students felt it was okay to interrupt instruction to ask to go to the bathroom. This rule clarifies that that is not a good time to do so.)

3. If you are late to class you may not use it. (Students sometimes get caught up in socializing in the halls, and are late to class. As such, they have already missed instructional time, and missing any more wouldn’t be good.)

4. Keep it with you at all times. (This emphasizes responsibility for taking care of items they have in their possession.)

Our overall goal is that students are present for as much instructional time as possible to help with their understanding of subjects and to make sure they do not fall behind. This is the reason they only get one pass to use during classes. However, there are several other times throughout the day that they have access to the bathrooms without needing a pass:

1. Home room in the morning

2. Home room in the afternoon

3. Locker changes

4. Lunch/recess

5. Specials

Please let us know if you have any questions. We know our students are capable of demonstrating time management, responsibility, and respect through the appropriate use of these passes!



We started our grammar unit on verbs today, kicking it off with action verbs! The students seemed to get into the swing of action verbs right away, so homework tonight should be a piece of cake!

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