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Month: December 2015


Last week the students wrote to a prompt involving unselfishly making a wish or choosing a gift for someone else. Many of the students truly took this to heart, and turned in noble, thoughtful, and worthwhile writing pieces depicting goodwill for others. Below is a sampling of their writing :-).

wish wish1

Area and Perimeter

Hello families,

In math this week, we started working through Unit 4 which is a geometry unit.  Area and perimeter are the first two topics tackled in this unit.  We looked at what happens when we have a single perimeter – can we have different areas with one perimeter?  2015-12-15 11.59.53

We also created different perimeters with one area.

2015-12-15 11.58.05

Today we added a new page in our ISN.  Doesn’t it look great?

2015-12-18 08.42.57

We will be continuing to work with these skills into January!  There is still a lot left to learn!

Enjoy your weekends!

Too much stuff in my lost and found!

The lost and found in my room is overflowing with papers, books, and sweatshirts.  Please make sure to talk to your students, and if they are missing anything to please check in my room.  They may come before school or during dismissal.

Artist in Residence

Many of you are aware that our wonderful students have been working with Ms. Jude (our artist in residence) to create some amazing woven tapestries.  Yesterday was officially our last day with Ms. Jude and we will miss her.  The students learned so much working with her, including how to work with a team and how to finger weave.  When you come to pick your students up, be sure to look in the glass stairwell to see their final creations!  Here is a sneak peak!


Paragraphs-a-Week (PAW)

We held off on starting this new PAW until today because I really wanted the students to focus on studying last night. The new PAW was put in their mailboxes this morning, and will be due (as usual) on Friday. It was explained in class, and the directions are written on the prompt itself, but just in case:

-Brainstorm a list of five wishes/gifts you could give to your chosen person

-Choose ONE wish/gift to focus on for the writing

-Write a two-paragraph (minimum) rough draft

-Edit rough draft with a parent/adult family member

-Write final draft

Q&A (most common):

1. Can I type my final draft?

Yes, you may type it at home and print it out to submit.

2. Do I have to write the final in pen?

No, you may write it in pencil.

Encourage the students to reread the prompt! Often any questions that come up have answers written right on that page. Click on the link below to view the prompt if the paper copy given to the students didn’t quiet make it home…



Homework 12.14

ELA – Pronoun test tomorrow, Log
Math – Worksheet
Science – Roller Coaster draft
SS – Map study
Spanish – Answer 2 questions about monarchy

Pronoun Test — TOMORROW (12/15)

The pronoun test is tomorrow, 12/15!

The students have the capability to do very well, but they need to invest in themselves by spending time studying so they can do their absolute best tomorrow!  They should be using their practice test, Grammar Handbook, and LA notebook to study, but can use the videos posted here to supplement that. Some students this morning told me the videos weren’t showing the full screen (Hooray to those students for checking over the weekend!) so I checked it out. If you right-click on the video there is an option to copy the URL code for the video. Do that and paste it into a new tab — it should take you right to the YouTube site where you can watch it with the full screen size.

Good luck, sixth graders!


Uniform Grab and Go

Tomorrow, Saturday December 12, the PTO has scheduled a “Grab and Go”.  It will run from 9:00 – 1:00 in the school gymnasium.  You may come and browse and take any uniform pieces you will be needing.  With the requirements of the uniform this might be a good opportunity to find pieces you may need.

They will also be selling Academy sweatshirts.

Mitten Tree

Please remember,

Our school is currently collecting mittens and gloves and hats and scarves on the Mitten Tree.  Downstairs, in the main office, is a BEAUTIFUL tree that is being slowly covered with winter wear that will be donated to community organizations that provide assistance to those in need.

On December 23 we have an early dismissal and it will be a dress down day.  Students are invited to donate a pair of mittens or a hat for the tree in exchange for the opportunity to dress down (or they may pay a dollar).  You may also donate hats, gloves, mittens or scarves at any time to adorn the beautiful tree.

Thank you.

2015-12-11 13.35.16

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