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Month: November 2015

Field Trip – Success!

DSC00087 DSC00100 DSC00167

What an AMAZING day!  The students learned SO MUCH!!  Here are some questions to ask to start the discussions about our day:

1.  Tell me about the first steam engine.

2.  What games did they play in colonial times?

3.  Ask your student about the pillory.

4.  Ask them to tell you about the six wheeled car.

5.  Talk about the musket and what important features it has.

Thank you for allowing us to experience all of this learning together!  It truly was a wonderful day.

– The sixth grade team

Field Trip Tomorrow

Ag and Ind museum


Tomorrow is our field trip to the Agricultural and Industrial Museum and Colonial Complex.  We will be focusing on the Industrial Revolution and how it impacted our world.  Please take the time to prepare your child for this trip.  Remind them of the expectation of all of our York Academy students as they are ambassadors of our school in the York community.

If your child did not sign up to purchase a school lunch please make sure that they bring a bagged lunch – all disposable.  They will be carrying their own lunch and will need to be responsible for it.   They should wear comfortable walking shoes and dress in warm clothes (coats, gloves, scarves as they feel necessary).  They do not need spending money or any technology (no phones please).

We will take notes along our journey and use those notes as we work through a class project on Wednesday.  We are all excited to see what this trip will teach us.

Thank you.

Homework Help

Unfortunately, it was noticed that several of our sixth graders forgot to check their mailboxes on Friday! In an effort to start off the week on a positive note homework-wise, the images below show the front and back of the pronoun worksheet. Students can write their answers on a free sheet of paper and turn that in on Monday.




The Great Vocabulary Hunt!

The new class novel we started, The Phantom Tollbooth, is fantastic for finding and learning new vocabulary! In light of this, I am challenging the students to notice new vocabulary both in this book and in their environment. As such, the Great Vocabulary Hunt will begin! About once a week, I will have the students, as part of their homework or in class, look for a word that is new or unfamiliar to them. When they find this word, they need to either take a picture of it (via iPad at school, tablet or phone at home) or write it down. They then need to find a credible source to learn the meaning of the word.

There are two options for sharing this word with me (and the class). They can scan the QR code I have given them (and that is posted here), which will take them to a Padlet. They can also click the web link here to take them to the Padlet. When they get to the Padlet, they double-tap to post their name, the word or photo of the word, and type its meaning. I will get an alert saying something has been posted. If they do not have access to the internet at home, I have instructed them to write down the word and definition and hand it in to me on Monday. I will post it for them from school. Following the students’ postings, we will take the vocabulary off the Padlet wall and put in on our very empty vocabulary bulletin board! I’m hoping the students will have fun hunting for new words, and that we’ll all end up with richer vocabularies :-). Thank you for your help, and happy hunting!

Vocab vocabhunt vocabwall


Homework 11.19.15

Math – Worksheet – adding fractions Martha’s Brain

Individuals and Societies – Political Cartoon page 110 in the textbook

Science – Worksheet (you will need your science notebook)

ELA – Reading log and PAW (due TOMORROW)

Spanish – “ser” test tomorrow

Homework 11.18.15

Math – Adding fractions worksheet (A – 4/S – 3/M – 5)

Science –None

Individuals and Societies – Study map #2

ELA – Reading log, Grammar, and Paragraph (which is due Friday)

Spanish – Study for Fridays test, practice verb “ser”, do “Nacionalidad” worksheet.


Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Hello families,

As you know, this week we are working on adding and subtracting fractions.  I was so pleased with the pages that the students added to their ISN today.  These will be very valuable tools to use when they study for our fractions test in December!  Here is a picture of what their pages look like in case you would like them to make a copy for home.  It might also help them with their homework tonight and tomorrow!

2015-11-18 10.21.24

Pretty impressive, huh?  Our students are working so hard and I am so pleased with their work.  When they were done with their ISN they had the opportunity to show off and do some practice problems.  After checking their work 89% of the sixth graders who submitted their answers were PROFICIENT in this skill!  Outstanding work sixth grade!

We will continue working with this skill through the end of this week.  Keep practicing at home!

Math Homework 11.17.15

Hello families,

This week we will be working with adding and subtracting fractions.  To begin this new unit we are estimating fractions using benchmarks.  Tonight’s homework relates to this topic.  In case your student struggles with this homework, watch this video together as a refresher on how to estimate fractions.

Many Thanks


Many thanks to those of you who took time out of your day to come participate in conferences and/or classroom tours! The students were excited to be able to share what they are doing at school, and the teachers greatly appreciated getting the chance to talk with you. Now that we’ve all got the first trimester under our belts, we are looking forward to increasingly greater things to come for the rest of the year!

PAW — Thanksgiving Guest


Students will be working on a new Paragraph-A-Week focusing on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday! *Click on the document link above to view the entire prompt and assignment.* Their pre-writing, rough draft, and final draft of this paragraph is due on Friday. Of course, they may write more than a paragraph if they would like!

Note: Homework passes are not accepted for P.A.W. assignments.

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