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Month: October 2015

Homework 10.29.15

Spanish – order letters worksheet

Math – ACE worksheet (write answers on lined paper)

ELA – grammar pg 13 1.2 C #s 1 – 10

Science – Worksheet

Individuals/Societies – Letter project due Monday

Due dates


Just a reminder! The final copy of the hobby essay is due Monday, as is the Walk Two Moons project. Your student may need to work on these over the weekend!

Homework 10.28.15

Spanish – Practice instructions in the classroom

Math – Worksheet

Science – Please return your signed Lab Safety Rules paper

ELA – Pumpkin Contest writing due tomorrow

<<< BE PREPARED – the Walk Two Moons final project and the Hobby essay are BOTH due (final form) on Monday 11.2>>>

Indiv/Societies – None

Connection Down!


Our internet went down school-wide yesterday (oh, no!) and did not get back up and running until mid-morning today. As such, we may have been unable to get out the Remind and update our grade level blog. We appreciate your patience as we all dealt with this inconvenience in our technology-driven practices, and hope this served as a learning opportunity to remind the students that is their responsibility to record the homework in their agendas each day :-). Thanks again for your support!

Homework 10.27.15

Spanish  – Study

ELA – Pumpkin Contest writing

Individuals and Societies – None

Science – Comic Strip

Math – Worksheet (Absolute Value)


Where in the World?

Students may participate in the Where in the World every week in Individuals and Societies.  New landmarks will be picked every week with new questions for students to answer.  Students that get all 5 questions right will be entered to win a prize.  Answers are due at the end of class on Thursday, new questions up Friday morning.IMG_0073

Homework 10.26.15

Math – opposites worksheet

Science – Underwater Comic Strip

Individuals/Societies – finish packet

ELA – pumpkin contest (due Thursday)

Spanish – none (study)


Materials Lists!

In an effort to help our students know what materials they need for each class each day, the entire grade level has adopted a materials list initiative! These are posted in the lobby area of the 5th/6th grade hallway, right by the first set of lockers. All students come up this way in the mornings, and as such they easily have the opportunity to check the materials list poster for each class so that they will always come to class prepared. One student noticed these this afternoon and said, “This is PERFECT!” We hope the other students will feel the same way!materialslist

“Pumpkin Contest” writing


We are doing another “paragraph-a-week” assignment as part of homework in Language Arts this week! I was really excited when I introduced this new topic to the students today because several asked: “Can we write more than one paragraph?” To which I enthusiastically responded: “OF COURSE! That would be fantastic!” This week they need to have their rough draft paragraph (checked over and signed by an adult), and then their final copy paragraph. It’s possible to do both on the back of the sheet, so if that is what your student does there’s no need to worry about stapling three papers together. If, however, they elect to write more than the minimum requirement, just make sure they have all their writing when they submit it. They will work on this for homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and will turn it in on Thursday. They may NOT use a homework pass for this, as it’s the only homework they have from me for the first part of this week. Can’t wait to see their creative responses :-).

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