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Translating Algebraic Expressions (Gr. 7)

For the past few weeks, in between snow days and delays, seventh grade has continued our pre-algebra unit with some translating algebraic expressions.  Students have a list of important terms that they have added to their ISN (math notebook).  We used those terms in many different ways in class including a fun game of Old Math Guy.  We also played SWAT with these same terms.  Everyone had a great time!

Students have taken a quiz on this skill, but it is still posing to be quite a challenge for all of the students.  Here is a fun game you can play online to help our learners practice this skill so that the next time it shows up (which it will) they will be prepared!

Angelina’s Ristorante

Today the seventh grade students were treated to Angelina’s Ristorante.  This was a test review day to practice the material from Unit 1.  Students made fettucine transversals and labeled the various angles.  They answered questions about supplementary, complementary, and vertical angles and served themselves meatballs for right answers.  They built isosceles, scalene, and equilateral triangles using spaghetti.   Pizza was used to practice measuring angles.  Overall it was a fun day and the kids did quite a bit of reviewing!  Great work everyone!

Constant of Proportionality

Seventh graders are working hard with the concept of proportionality.  This week we focused on the four ways that we can represent these proportional relationships.  These include stories, tables, graphs and equations.  You should ask to see their fantastic work in their notebooks (ISN’s).  Great job seventh grade!  In the meantime, here are some pictures of the work they did with partners.  They had to determine which representations were saying the same thing.


Capture-Recapture with Proportional relationships


Today in math we worked with proportions to figure out an estimate of the number of fish in our “Chesapeake Bay”.  Students used bowls of goldfish crackers and tagged a few fish by replacing them with pretzel fish.  Then they worked through steps of capture-recapture to determine an estimate of the number of fish in their “Bay”.  What a GREAT experiment and super math work!  Keep it up Seventh Grade!

7th Grade Current Events assignment

7th grade students received their current events project today in class.  This will be an ongoing project that will conclude in April.  Below are some links to get students on the right track for finding good articles.

Welcome Back 2016-2017 school year!

We have officially begun the 2016-17 school year with GREAT success!  What a delight having the students back in our classrooms.  Our team has changed a bit this year, but we are so excited to work together to make this another fantastic year in the Middle Years Program.

Tonight, at 6 pm, is the Open House.  We are looking forward to meeting you and introducing ourselves while we tell you a little bit about our classes.  We hope to see you tonight!


Field Day on Monday

Hello all,

Just a reminder that we will be having field day on Monday.   Students are to wear the tshirts from the PTO and shorts or pants that they can be active in.  Shorts should be about fingertip length when arms are down at sides.  Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated if it is a hot day.  See you Monday!


Math Creativity Projects are due Wednesday!


Hopefully you have seen your student working hard on their creativity project for math class.  Last Tuesday students were charged with doing something creative to show off any topic we have covered in class this year.  Here are their options:


I am so excited to see what your student shares this week in class.  These projects are due Wednesday.  The rubric is on the back of the page shown above.  You can ask your student to check it out.

Please don’t hesitate to ask should you have any questions about the assignment.


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